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Stop associating diabetes with lifestyle! To treat diabetes, you need to clean your dishes, — an 89-year-old Romanian doctor shares his experience with us

James Canning — an endocrinologist professor, who previously taught at the University of Bucharest, participated in many scientific conferences. Despite his advanced age, and soon-to-be 90 years old, Mr. Doctor continues to treat people and mentor young doctors privately.

Mr. Doctor Canning considers himself a “former diabetic” and assures us that his purpose is not to be rewarded in any way. To find out more, we arranged an interview with this specialist.

Hello doctor. We don’t have much time, as we would have liked, so let’s start with the most important. Please tell us how you treated your diabetes.

The most important thing in this matter is to restore the health of the cardiovascular system.

The human body has a protection system that, in emergency cases, limits the nutrition of certain organs. Key systems, on the contrary, are always supplied with glucose, they do not need insulin. In other words, type 2 diabetes initially only affects insulin-dependent organs, such as the liver or adipose tissue.

However, an increased concentration of unrealized glucose and insulin affects the condition of blood vessels and capillaries. When blood flow becomes difficult, our most important organs are no longer fed with nutrients. Therefore, the first thing to do to avoid disastrous consequences is to clean the walls of the blood vessels.

Regular cleansing of the body is the way to a healthy and happy life, I am convinced of that.

So you think that in order to defeat diabetes, we must first restore the vessels, and not the pancreas?

Completely true. If you continuously stimulate the production of insulin, it will further affect the composition of the blood. You just change the hormonal balance and increase the load on the liver and kidneys.

Imagine an old pipe. Even if you let the purest water pass through it, you will get a dirty orange slurry at the exit, because the pipes are full of rust and rot. It is much wiser to fix them first and then think about what will flow through them.

But what exactly degrades “our pipelines”?

I can guess what answer you expect. Of course, unhealthy food and lack of diet affect health. But don’t think that all diabetics are just lovers of hamburgers and candy. The main factor in the development of such conditions is age.

But it can be offset by timely measures. I regularly take a cleansing course and feel great. I plan to live to be a hundred years old and not stop there. But I also suffered from type 2 diabetes, and because of it I even stopped teaching patients for a while. But this is something from 20 years ago. Now I don’t notice any more symptoms, my blood sugar is stable, it doesn’t rise above 7 mmol/l at all.

What symptoms are you talking about?

Fatigue first.

Drowsiness, confusion, and memory problems affected me a lot. More morally, of course. In this state, even a single lecture was a feat for me, so I had to retire.

Thirst and frequent urination also affected quality of life. You have no idea how much time and effort I put into such simple things. It’s like an alarm clock that goes off every five minutes, tearing you away from any activity, including sleep.

The constant state of starvation was maintained for days, and the traditional diabetic diet severely restricted my food intake. As a result, I completely lost the pleasure of eating.

The numbness in my limbs scared me the most. I often saw patients developing ulcers, the so-called diabetic foot, and in my own way, I got used to this sight. But it was scary to feel the progress of this disease when you know perfectly well what it leads to.

What does it lead to?

The main complications of diabetes:

  • Diabetic foot all starts with tingling of the lower extremities, then the sensitivity decreases – this is the death of nerve endings. Then gangrene develops, most often leading to amputation.
  • RetinopathyThe capillaries of the eyes are destroyed and hemorrhage occurs. In severe cases, the retina detaches and the patient loses sight forever.
  • ThrombosisDiabetes increases the chance of heart attack and stroke by 2-3 times, depending on the stage. It is deadly and the risk only increases with age.
  • Nephropathy Kidney failure develops in 7 out of 10 patients with diabetes.
  • Liver pathologiesDiabetes causes a wide range of problems: fatty diseases, cirrhosis, and even cancer. The mechanism is the same as in liver diseases: filtration efficiency decreases and liver cells are replaced by connective tissue.
  • ComaThe liver tries to compensate for problems with carbohydrate metabolism with the help of ketone bodies, these are special substances that actively break down fats to get energy from anywhere. And since the liver and kidneys are already in bad shape, ketone bodies are not used and cause intoxication. As a result, the nervous system cannot resist.
  • And how can we combat this?
  • It is best not to bring your body into such a state at all. Timely treatment turns diabetes from a mortal danger into temporary, unpleasant, but solvable difficulties.
  • 20 years ago, when my method was more experimental than generally accepted, I had to find and gather herbs myself, order rare ingredients from abroad, and make decisions. But now dishwashing has become a widespread practice.
  • Based on my studies (though not only mine, of course), scientists have created a balanced composition. The result was a product of both high quality and budget, which recently entered the international market, including the Romanian one.
  • What remedy are you referring to?
    • Diaxil, of course. This natural product contains concentrated extracts of medicinal herbs. Unlike all chemical pills, the composition of which even I cannot read without a dictionary, it does not cause side effects. In fact, that’s why I recommend it to my patients.
  • Its main action is vascular cleansing, however, the formula contains components with a hypoglycemic effect, which naturally reduces the concentration of glucose in the blood. Diaxil stabilizes the blood sugar level in a single course of treatment.
  • I apologize, I thought you already knew about this one.
  • Unfortunately not. I haven’t seen it in drugstores yet.
  • No wonder. First of all, Diaxil began to be sold abroad quite recently, less than a year ago. As far as I know, it has already passed clinical trials in the EU.
  • Editor’s note: We present the results of these studies for clarity.
  • According to the GMP monitoring station checks, the test results were as follows:
  • Test 1, within a week of Diaxil administration.
  • Stabilization of blood glucose level to normal: 62% of subjects.
  • Increased effectiveness of hypoglycemic agents over maintenance therapy: 93%
  • Improvement in general condition is observed in 80% of subjects.
  • Test 2, within a month of Diaxil administration.
  • Stabilization of blood glucose levels to normal: 92% of subjects.
  • Increased effectiveness of hypoglycemic agents over maintenance therapy: 96%
  • Improvement in general condition is observed in 92% of subjects.
  • Test 3, within 3 months of Diaxil administration.
  • Stabilization of blood glucose levels to normal: 98% of subjects.
  • Increased effectiveness of hypoglycemic agents over maintenance therapy: 97%
  • Improvement in general condition is observed in 98% of subjects.
  • No adverse reactions: 100% of subjects, throughout the study.
  • And secondly, it is not carried out in pharmacy chains. On the contrary, the manufacturer opposes sales in pharmacies and carefully monitors that Diaxil is not obtained by speculators. As you can see, a pharmacy is a shop like any other and each has its own additions and conditions. So, the best way is for the remedy to be sold on the internet.
  • As far as we know, there is a 50 % promotion on the current lot, and from the next one they will raise the price. The offer is valid until 14.06.2022 inclusive.
  • It is enough to leave a request and the operator will call you back. He will ensure that you order the remedy for personal use, advise you and coordinate delivery.
  • Thank you, Dr. Canning. Do you want to say something to our readers at the end, give them any advice?