Keto Bullet

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At the heart of the Keto Bullet – instant coffee, chicory, and coconut pulp. To quickly achieve ketosis and lose weight, the drink is fortified with chromium picolinate (popular and effective fat burner) and ketogenic MCT oil.

With Keto Bullet Carbohydrate levels decrease along with appetite. And when you don’t feel like eating (even that fruity cake!), ketosis kicks in faster, and waist and hip fat disappear before your eyes. And all this – without damage!

With Keto Bullet the body reaches ketosis in 2-4 days. Even if your keto diet isn’t too strict and you can afford a sweet tea bun or fruit snack.

Instant coffee

Enriches the drink with excellent taste and aroma, gives a boost of energy and vigor for the whole day.

About Keto bullet coffee

KETO-FRIENDLY – Support your low-carb keto diet with this healthy keto drink mix. It will effectively banish hunger and help you feel full longer contributing to healthy weight loss.
ENERGY BOOST – Turn your fats into fuel with a Keto Bullet low-calorie protein drink. It will boost your energy levels, helping you feel focused and productive all day long.
EXQUISITE TASTE – Drink it black or pair it with your favorite keto coffee creamer, this delicious coconut-flavored weight loss coffee will be your favorite way to start the day.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Arabica Coffee powder infused with organic MCT oil and coconut extract will help boost the metabolism for full body detox and rejuvenation.
HIGH QUALITY & SAFE – Our supplements are made with the highest grade ingredients to ensure they are Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Cruelty-Free, with no artificial colors and flavors, added.

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