Reishi cocoa: this drink will end obesity forever

Scientists from the University of Mexico have made an incredible discovery. They have discovered how to lose weight without the rigors of dieting and the torture of the gym. This discovery could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve intestinal health, and reduce blood sugar levels.

Doctors rejoice! Cocoa with Reishi mushrooms could save humanity from a medical disaster: the spreading metabolic syndrome. A plague that affects a quarter of the population of Latin America.

Being overweight and the health problems that accompany it are often attributed to a lack of exercise and an inadequate diet, but this is not the case. Metabolic syndrome is usually the cause of this condition. It is more common in middle-aged women.

Signs of metabolic syndrome:

– increased appetite, overweight,

– apathy, fatigue, decreased activity,

– headaches and high blood pressure.

The danger of the syndrome is that it can develop into a serious chronic or acute illness. For example, coronary heart disease, stroke, myocardial infarction, or diabetes.

"Cocoa beans and Reishi mushroom extract can combat metabolic syndrome. A drink made with these ingredients reduces cholesterol and blood glucose levels and promotes weight loss."

According to the person responsible for the study, Ricardo Muñoz, professor of medicine at the State University of Mexico, there is much evidence that mixing cocoa powder with Reishi mushrooms reduces cholesterol and blood glucose levels and promotes weight loss.

Cocoa beans contain polyphenols, powerful natural antioxidants. Polyphenolic compounds: catechins influence the synthesis of fatty acids, reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the stomach, and inhibit inflammatory processes.

Reishi mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides and triterpenes, substances that help speed up metabolism. It has been scientifically proven that when cocoa and Reishi mushrooms are combined in the right proportions, short-chain fatty acids are produced, which help the body eat smaller portions and burn excess body fat more quickly.

The American Journal of Therapeutic Nutrition published the results of an experiment in which 240 overweight people participated. They were divided into two groups. Participants in the first group drank a drink made from cocoa and Reishi mushrooms for 3 months. The second group only drank cocoa.

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“The duo formed by cocoa and Reishi mushrooms relieves intestinal inflammation, which helps you lose weight quickly.”


Clinical trials conducted by scientists at the University of Mexico confirmed previous results and led to unexpected discoveries. The drink based on cocoa and Reishi mushrooms not only lowers blood sugar and has a positive effect on intestinal health, but also helps you lose weight without additional stimulation.


Magicoa is a drink based on cocoa beans and Reishi mushrooms. It also contains additional ingredients that multiply the fat-burning effectiveness tenfold by accelerating the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and promoting detoxification of the liver and kidneys

  • Maltodextrin strengthens muscle mass, increases the number of beneficial microflora, improves the excretion of salts of heavy metals and radionuclides, helps reduce harmful cholesterol, and helps not to gain weight again.
  • Chicory inulin is essential for the reproduction of a healthy intestinal microflora, increases energy metabolism, is effective in preventing metabolic syndrome, helps curb appetite, and facilitates the loss of fat mass.
  • Black pepper fruit extract stimulates metabolic processes, promotes the burning of calories from food, activates the breakdown of fats, improves digestive enzymes, intensifies the sense of taste, and tone, and increases energy and activity levels.
  • Hot pepper increases metabolism, improves blood circulation, stabilizes blood pressure, normalizes microflora, improves peristalsis of the intestine, reduces the risk of eating and digestive disorders, improves the function of taste buds, and reduces appetite.
  • Chromium picolinate blocks hunger, reduces cravings for sweets and unhealthy foods, reduces the number of snacks, normalizes lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and helps maintain a stable weight.

All of this combined guarantees healthy weight loss, step by step, without exhausting diets or strenuous exercises. There are many studies that confirm that when you take Magicoa you can lose up to 8 kg in a month. And this is a sustainable result, which persists even after stopping the drink.

Although Magicoa is intended to combat overweight, its effects will be very beneficial for the entire body. After just 7 days, this drink significantly reduces appetite. After about 14-18 days, digestion improves, carbohydrate metabolism and the general tone of the body increases. This improves the quality of life and leads to the resolution of many health problems.

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